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Cardamom extract
Spice Drop offers the invigorating aroma and taste of cardamom in a convenient and safe way that will change how you cook your savoury and sweet dishes. The Spice Drop Cardamom extract does away with the pestle and mortar chore that is deeply associated with using cardamom in cooking. It can be tricky to decipher […]
Cardamom -8mm (Large)
Cardamom, the queen of spices. Cardamom has a strong unique taste and intensly aromatic,used for flavouring food and drink and as medicine. Cardamom(8mm) also known as bold is best in the yield It is a powerful immune booster, fights free radicals and prevents aging. It heals digestive illness,reduce hypertension, relive head ache, provide glowing skin, […]
Black Cardamom
Black cardamom is similar in appearance to Indian green cardamom but differs is size, color and flavor.
Cardamom 7mm
Cardamom is the queen of spices, it has a strong unique taste and intensly aromatic,used for flavouring food and drink and as medicine.
Premium Spices gift Box
Premium spices gift box  Spice Box with 8 different Spices from Kerala A perfect gift for your dear ones for all occasions. This Spice Gift Box comes with 50g of Cardamom – Largest ‘8mm’ Size, 100g of Black Pepper – Jumbo Size and 50g of finest quality Cloves – and 50g of star anise- ,50g […]
Kerala spices wholesale
Kerala spices for wholesale rates Buy bulk spices from kerala Greenmart spices is a major supplier of all kind of spices, spice powders, masala and oils for wholesale rates. If you are a business owner and is looking for source high quality spices in bulk for reselling then Greenmart is the right place. As we […]
Exotic spices combo (500g)
Green mart exotic spices combo, (500g) Cardamom -50g, Roll Cinnamon - 100g, Cloves - 100, black pepper - 100g, Star anise - 75g, Black cardamom - 50g, Bay leaf - 25g.  
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Clove ₹100.00 Dry Ginger ₹40.00 White pepper ₹150.00 Allspice ₹150.00 Fenugreek ₹25.00 Sale! Nutmeg ₹68.00₹65.00 Sale! Bird eye chilly ₹40.00₹35.00 Sale! Nutmace ₹220.00₹210.00 Anies ₹40.00 Star anise ₹70.00 Chilli ₹40.00 Poppy seed ₹100.00 Jeera ₹40.00 Rated 5.00 out of 5 Cardamom 7mm ₹130.00 Cinnamon leaves ₹20.00 Mustard (small) ₹25.00 Shahjeera ₹70.00 Sale! Black Cardamom ₹220.00₹210.00 […]
Meat masala
Meat masala is a spice mix  in Keralan cuisine. Typically as a marinade for various types of meat, especially beef. In addition this can also use it with chicken,pork,lamb and goat. We can apply meat masala  onto pieces of meat as a dry powder mix or combine with oil to make a paste that easily coats the meat. Once coated, […]