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The Organic Farms Of Idukki Have Launched Their Very First Website. Here’s a quick peek!

by July 16, 2018

For the first time, Idukki’s hard-working and dedicated farmers have an entire website dedicated to their unique products, this user-friendly website is designed to make it much easier for customers to find the products and spices they seek.
Grown in the cool air and rich soil of Idukki, Greenmart products aim to provide organic, chemical-free food to customers all around the globe. This organic farm fresh products are comparatively less expensive and affordable as they are directly sourced from farmers, eliminating middlemen in a contrarily long supply chain.

What makes The Greenmart products different!

Idukki has always remained the traveler’s destination with a rich heritage in farming, the freshness of the products are no surprise, as it comes from the land of spices; Kerala. Without altering any of the traditions of organic practices, the local farmers have come up with the best way to sell their organic products and variety of herbs & spices.
With a wide array of organically grown fresh spices and herbs that can be easily bought online or offline. Each produce undergoes a number of quality checkups ensuring that the best products alone is available to the consumers. Each product is of premium quality and is reasonably priced, the best that you can get within the comforts of your home.

About the Greenmart website

The Greenmart website has been completely designed to provide customers and visitors with an easier way to find what they came looking for. Filled with information and news articles on useful products and organic farming, the website is an attraction to both consumers as well as organic lovers. These fresh organic farm products can be ordered online from anywhere around the world and will be delivered to your doorstep.

Online purchase has never been easier

A new customer can easily navigate through the website as it is user friendly and and the interface is simple and upto the point. Consumer can select from a number of spices and herbs; the product that they are interested in can be added to the cart and the payment can be made.

Find out more about the website or make your first online purchase at:

The Importance of Herbs And Spices In Your Everyday Meal

by July 16, 2018

Spices and herbs not only just excite your taste buds and give a distinguished aroma in dishes; they are also composed of an impressive list of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Many of the major cuisines all around the globe make use of these essential ingredients. Usage of spices and herbs in many of the food specialties have also remained as a tradition in many of the countries. Spices have been an integral part of our food since centuries; they also play an important role in differentiating the Indian cuisine and making them unique from others.

Over the years, spices and herbs have grown in popularity and has become even more relevant not only for their ability to add aroma, flavor, and color to the food but also because they are essential for overall wellness.
Let us broaden your knowledge of spices and herbs and what makes them so indispensable to your diet.

Herbs and Spices helps in digestion:

Digestive herbs and spices work in several interesting ways from improving the secretion of digestive juice to restoring weak digestion related organs. With the regular incorporation of herbs and spices into your diet; your immune system stays strong thus resulting in the proper functioning of the health and whole body.

Herbs and spices enhance food flavors

We can’t imagine how bland dishes would be if the proper spices were not added to it. For centuries Herbs and Spices have been an integral part of many great cuisines all around the world; this was because of their unique capability to add flavor and aroma to dishes. In addition to possibly decrease caloric intake, adding spices and herbs can change how we experience food.

Herbs and Spice have natural healing factors

Ayurvedic treatments are famous not only in India but around the globe, these treatments are well-known for using naturally occurring, plant-derived herbs to treat illnesses and various healing practices. By incorporating healing herbs and spices, consumers can thrive and concentrate on their overall conditions; rather than on a single ailment that results from a lack of proper environment and living conditions.

Though many of the spices and herbs are restricted by their availability to few countries, since they are grown and produced in certain climatic condition. we can buy the herbs and spices that we’re looking for, right from our home. Online organic farming sites such as Greenmart brings organic spices and herbs to your with their online website. Now farm fresh foods are just a click away!

Spice up your diet to have a healthy life

by July 13, 2018

Organic farming has never been new to us. Just forgotten. However, recently this age old technique has been brought back to life by farmers who believe in the health and well-being of people along with the promotion and enhancement of nature, biodiversity and the eco system.


Since the process is purely organic, the produce is not just natural and delicious, it is free from any harming chemicals or pesticides that’s usually used in farming. It’s good for the health and nature. Focusing on this goodness, the Green Mart turned to organic farming to produce the finest spices from Kerala, recognized as the spice centre of the world.

Spices are what makes a dish. It’s the thread that holds together all the elements of a dish. It is not only crucial, it has health benefits too. Holy Basil has found to be capable of fighting off infections and enhancing the immune system.

While pepper has been credited with anti- cancer properties. Ginger and Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with nasal congestion. Long story short, spices can help you fight off infections, enhance digestion, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels and even manage stress.
Although healthy eating is usually associated with plain and boring food, as just mentioned it’s quite the contrary. Blending in organic farming with spices, Green Mart produces over a variety of 100 different spices for its customers. From cloves, pepper and cinnamon to turmeric, mustard and jeera, you name it, we have it. It’s grown in their own farms in Idukki and personally taken care of. Each product undergoes batches of quality check before it reaches the market. In addition to spices, we also provide masala blends made from these spices and essential oils.
Green Mart believes in the goodness of healthy living by living close to the nature. This is the motto we carry with us forward through our business. Spice up your diet to have a healthy life.

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