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Cardamom extract



Hi Spice Drop offers the invigorating aroma and taste of cardamom in a convenient and safe way that will change how you cook your savoury and sweet dishes. The Spice Drop Cardamom extract does away with the pestle and mortar chore that is deeply associated with using cardamom in cooking. It can be tricky to decipher if you need a whole pod or two, or just a pinch in your dish. With Spice Drop Cardamom extract, you can do away with the guessing game and just use the dropper that comes with the package to add a few drops, depending on your taste, to your dish. Whether you want to make biryani, kheer/payasam or even tea, the cardamom extract will transform your culinary delights in a never before way, giving you a gastronomic experience that is unforgettable.

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