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Cinnamon extract



Spice Drop presents the warm and comforting flavour of cinnamon that will make your savoury as well as your sweet culinary preparations extraordinarily delicious. The Spice Drop Cinnamon extract is a versatile product that infuses the heady aroma and taste of cinnamon to anything and everything, from breads and cookies, to apple pies and coffee.
Unlike the raw spice that needs to be stored in airtight containers, the Spice Drop Cinnamon extract is easy to use and comes with no hassles of storing. Just use the dropper that comes with the package to add a drop or two, based on your taste preference, to any dish you need the cinnamon touch in. As the flavour of cinnamon wafts through your kitchen, you will realise that the Spice Drop extract will be a cherished possession for the rest of your life.

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