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Clove extract



Spice Drop brings to you the naturally warm, sweet and powerful flavour of clove in a surprisingly easy-to-use and safe way that will transform the way you create your culinary fare. The Spice Drop Clove extract is a remarkable product that helps you blend in the aromatic flavour of clove without the hassle of storing the raw spice or grinding it.
You might be familiar with the feeling of adding too much or too little of clove to your dishes, thanks to its strong flavour. But not anymore! With Spice Drop Clove extract, you can easily add exactly the right amount of flavour to your meals. Just use the dropper that comes with the package and mix in a few drops of the extract to the prepared dish, depending on your taste, and use a ladle to combine. Voila, your dish is ready. Yes, it is that unbelievably easy! No more cloves stored in airtight containers and no confusion of “how much is too much”.

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